I would literally throw last year’s version of myself down a set of stairs

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incomplete list of things girls like:

  • homicide
  • double homicide
  • triple homicide hell yeah
  • witchcraft
  • lesbianism
  • human sacrifice
  • dead things
  • monsters
  • summoning satan

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another thing that happened at work today (although this one is really shitty)

a rude customer in drive through yelled at the angel that is one of my coworkers Tanya, because he asked for a number 17 and she asked him if he wanted the whole meal or just the sandwich (a lot of people order the numbers but they dont mean the meal so we have to ask) and when he got up to the window i was like 5 feet away doing dishes and all of a sudden he just yells “whats so fucking hard with realizing i want the whole meal? you’re so fucking stupid thats why you work at mcdonalds i bet” and i was literally about to dropkick this fucker i kid you not i ran over to the window but by the time i got there he drove off to the second one, and Tanya was crying and it killed me cause she is literally the most important person at that store i s2g, she’s the sweetest lady and i wanted to murder this man

so anyways, we had to park him cause we were waiting on his fish meal and instead of parking in the spot we told him to, he went back aorund though drive thru back to tanya’s window and yelled at her again to get the manager and then yelled at my manager “this is a multi billion comapany and i have to fucking wait for my fish sandwich and fries? what the fuck is wrong with you people”

and the worst fucking part is he got away with all of this and i was so upset for the rest of the night i just couldnt stop thinking about the fact that there are people like this that exist in the real world.

people that go through life treating others like shit and keep getting away with it. people who think its okay to act like this.

i want to personally eradicate the world of scumbags like this. im still just so angry his face is burned in my mind

  • me: halloween is coming soon
  • mom: it's july
  • me:
  • me: halloween is coming soon


when you tell your parents something funny and they turn it into a lectureimage

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